Lee Charm 'Kill Me'


Lee Charm Releases “Kill Me” off of Forthcoming EP Leedom

For Immediate Release:
August 31, 2016 (New York, NY) – Pop/R&B Singer Lee Charm dropped his new single “Kill Me” on his birthday (8/30) as a thank you to fans and a preview of the new sound that can be heard on his forthcoming mixtape Leedom, due out this fall.

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“I am excited for those that have followed me to hear my new music. The evolution of my voice and sound is something I think fans will find evident as they hear the new tracks”, Lee said about the Leedom.

“Kill Me” is an powerful, emotional ballad produced by Meehan and B Sharp. The track displays Lee’s ability to truly use his voice as an instrument. Charm gives every bit of himself through this song.

If “Kill Me” if any indication of what we will hear on Leedom, fans are sure in for a treat.


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