Family of C-Murder Victim Upset by Kim Kardashian's Efforts to Free Him

Family of C-Murder Victim Upset by Kim Kardashian’s Efforts to Free Him

After hearing that Kim Kardashian is advocating for No Limit Soldier, C-Murder, to be released from his prison sentence and granted a new trial, the family of the victim he was convicted of killing has struck back.

According to TMZ Hip Hop, George Thomas, who is the brother of the man C-Murder was convicted of killing in 2002, Steve Thomas, is livid at her efforts. Thomas has told the media outlet that, although the crime took place over 20 years ago, the family can’t properly mourn his brother because of the efforts of celebrities trying to get the No Limit rapper out of jail.

He states that only celebrities like Kardashian are behind the efforts to get him out. Although he appreciates Kardashian helping innocent people who are wrongly imprisoned, he feels that C-Murder is not one of them.

After being accused of beating and shooting Smith to death, a jury found C-Murder guilty of second-degree murder. He was given a mandatory life sentence.

Last week, Kardashian took to Twitter to make a play to try to get what she feels, is justice for Master P’s brother. She claimed that C-Murder’s conviction was based on the testimony of two men that Louisiana “dragged” into trial on material witness warrants. The men purportedly recanted their previous testimony.

She cited a new Louisiana law, Section 926.2. It allows people to submit new factual evidence to prove their innocence.

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