Uncle Luke Calls Out Gatekeepers for Not Including Rappers from Florida in 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Uncle Luke Calls Out Gatekeepers for Not Including Rappers from Florida in 50th Anniversary Celebrations

One of the pioneers of this hip-hop game has publicly chastised the gatekeepers for keeping him and many other Florida superstars out of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. Uncle Luke, the artist responsible for being the reason hip-hop albums were given warning labels has a message for all who will listen.

Luther Campbell, also known as Uncle Luke, who started Luke Skkywalker Records in 1986, took to his Instagram account with a very legitimate beef.

With most of the celebrations taking place throughout the United States, it seems that one of the first hip-hop independent label owners has not been invited to the numerous parties happening. The man who signed and then joined the 2 Live Crew left a message to hip-hop fans from Florida to let them know that although Florida hasn’t been prevalent in these celebrations, they will have their own to celebrate before the year is over.

“Hip-hop fans from Florida. Don’t be upset they don’t recognize your favorite Floridian artists as part of hip-hop’s 50th year celebrations. This industry has never considered us as hip-hop from the time I started hip-hop in the south. You can only imagine the names they called us. Country booty music trash, music. I can go on and on the disrespect towards Florida hip-hop. Still to this day, we fight for our respect, and you have stood behind us every step of the way. We will continue fighting. There will be a day this year where we come together and celebrate Florida hip-hop artist from the top of the state to the bottom. We love you Thank You for your support.”


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Keep in mind, Florida is full of popular and relevant hip-hop artists. From the inception with Uncle Luke to Trick Daddy and Trina, to Rick Ross and Plies, and now Kodak Black and Rod Wave, the disrespect is unwarranted.

Yet, a former rival came to the defense of Uncle Luke and suggested they have a joint celebration between the South and the West. Yes, California’s Snoop Dogg, who once famously beefed with the Florida label owner when he debuted with Dr. Dre has called for a celebration together!

In the comments section, Snoop replied saying, “I love and respect what u did for me and my hip hop journey uncle Luke on and off the mic 🎤 let’s do a southwest. Hip hop celebration so we can get the flowers to you and the. Other founders who mean so much to this thang called hip hop love and. Respect. O. G. Can’t spell hip hop without the south Or. The west 🐐🙌🏿🐾🙏🏾🎤”

Uncle Luke went to court and fought against the government for the right of rappers to say what they want on record. His album,  “As Nasty As They Wanna Be” which was released in 1989 was the first album deemed legally obscene. The least hip-hop can do is celebrate this man!

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