Lil Mama Calls Charlamagne Tha God

The adage “time heals all wounds” apparently doesn’t apply to a young lady who calls herself Lil Mama.

Lil Mama took to social media to race back to her past to reignite a beef she has with The Breakfast Club‘s Charlamagne Tha God. And she did it by leaving a comment on an Instagram post that featured some dialogue from Bronx rapper Fat Joe when he appeared on Charlamagne’s Hell of a Week weekly talk show.

Charlamagne and Fat Joe were discussing recent events regarding the recent killing of Philadelphia rap artist, PnB Rock. As media outlets reported that he was killed at Roscoe’s out in California allegedly because his girlfriend tagged him in a social media post stating where the two of them were. Joe goes on to state that a lot of rappers who are killed in these cities were targeted by locals in the area. He even goes as far as saying, just like one of KRS-One‘s songs states that rappers are in danger.

“It’s so dangerous to be a rapper these days. It’s the hardest job out there right now because they comin’ at you either way. Either way, they tryin’ to put you in jail or your own people tryin’ to kill you.”

Not knowing what actually triggered the Lip Gloss rapper, she commented directly to Charlamagne with venom. She appeared on The Breakfast Club in 2011 and during her time on the show, with the questions and statements Charlamagne directed at her, she broke down in tears. Seemingly, that moment is still at the forefront of her mind.

“@cthagod is a b–h a– n–a too. Why, because when I review the tapes on how he tried to trick me, a black young successful woman from the bottom out of my spot. He actually goes on the list with the cops, killers, feds and other haters. Jealously is a MF and it be your own people. Gotta secure yourself though. Joe dropped a lot of Gems. Hope y’all listening.”

The Shade Room reposted the comments on their Instagram page.


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