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Lil Wayne Admits There Is A Kevin Durant Feature Recorded

Over the course of the years, basketball and hip-hop has gone hand in hand, specifically in the Black community. Many NBA players have gone into the studio to realize their recording dreams including Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neal and Damian Lillard to name a few. Now, Phoenix Suns player, Kevin Durant is added to that list.

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report‘s Taylor Rooks, New Orleans rapper, Lil Wayne, it was discovered that KD has a recent song with the Young Money label owner.

While in discussion, Rooks told Wayne that she had a message from KD himself since he knew that Wayne was gonna be her guest. She said that KD told her to ask Wayne if he would play a snippet of the track the two of them recorded.

Wayne was shocked to hear the question and claimed that he was trying to keep the song a secret. He chastised the Suns player and said, “KD, you messed up. Now that you’ve done that, I just want you to know you messed up, and that song was being considered to be on ‘Carter VI.’ And now, since you’re saying something, it’s not going on ‘Carter (VI).'”

He expresses how important the record is to him and that the song they recorded together was supposed to be on the album he just did with 2 Chainz, “Welcome 2 Collegrove” that was released in November. But, he decided to save it for what would have been this “Carter VI.” That is, until KD ruined the surprised by asking for Wayne to play it on Rooks show.

He did have high praise for the basketball player as a rapper.

“KD’s a jewel, like something of the past, because he’s a backpack rapper. I can imagine he probably could call a timeout in a game, and probably ask him to rap and he probably got a verse for you.”

Now, the sports and hip-hop world can only wait to hear how good KD is as a rapper.

Lil Wayne Admits There Is A Kevin Durant Feature Recorded

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