Lil Yachty Hits the Road With Women-Only Band on Field Trip Tour

Lil Yachty Hits the Road With Women-Only Band on Field Trip Tour

Lil Yachty has just hit the road for his Field Trip Tour, which debuted on Sept. 21, 2023, in Washington, D.C. What makes the tour unique is that the rapper has enlisted an all-female band to bring along with him. In an exclusive interview with, the 26-year-old recording artist expresses why he wanted nothing but women in the band.

The women that Yachty recruited for the tour are Lea Grace Swinson and Romana R. Saintil, who are handling the vocals, Monica Carter is on drum duty, Téja Veal is playing bass, Quenequia Graves on guitar, and Kennedy Avery Smith graces the piano.

When he put out the word that he was auditioning women for the band, he stated that “hundreds of women came from all over.” Some of them sent in auditions online. He said he felt like “America’s Got Talent” creator, Simon Cowell when listening to these women.

He goes into detail on that decision based on his dealings with the women in his life.

“My life is surrounded by women — my two assistants, my mother as a manager, a lot of my friends are women. Women really help me throughout my day. I just think that women are so powerful. I feel like they rule the world. They are the most important aspect to this world and they don’t get enough credit or shine, especially black women. So that was my aura behind it. I just wanted to showcase that women can shred just as good as men.”

He is proud of the band members as he stated that they all learned quickly, making the rehearsal process go well.

“They’re all so talented, so they all learned it very quick. I gave [the music] to them early, and gave them the stems. When it was day one, they all knew the songs. Even my new guitarist that came in later than everyone, she came in knowing the music.”


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The tour will scan the United States visiting places like Texas, Washington, and North Carolina before taking off overseas. In November, Yachty and the band will head over to Germany, England, and Spain, as well as other countries before ending the tour in Vienna on Dec. 17, 2023.

Lil Yachty Hits the Road With Women-Only Band on Field Trip Tour

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