MARENIKAE Releases ‘Ajebutter’ March 11


Afro-Merge Pioneer MARENIKAE delivers for the Unapolgetic Womanist with the release of her debut album”Ajebutter” Available March 11







Nigerian singer/songwriter MARENIKAE has been inciting the airwaves of her native land with with her powerful style of Afro-Merge beats as of late. With her single “Gidi” making waves on air in Lagos and her girl power anthem “Remember” (Afro-merge version)spinning in Abuja, Ghana Benin and Togo, the West African vixen is ready to unleash her movement in the states with her debut album “AjebutterMARENIKAE will be releasing her premiere studio album, “Ajebutter” on March 11, 2018, via her self-created distribution and record label The Zuchia Nexus. affectionately known as The Zan and this entrepreneur/fashion designer intends to prove just what the new age Nigerian Millennial woman is capable of.







Marenikae-1ROLLING OUT

Marenikae Talks to Rolling Out Mag

Afro pop artist Marenikae talks to Rolling Out Mag about polygamy, concubines and womanism vs. feminism

MARENIKAE believes the biggest common thread is the need for women to have their own identity and ability to make their own choices, whatever those choices may be. “In other countries, women don’t always have a choice to make their own decisions. Many times the woman is at the mercy of a man,” she says.






The album’s lead single “ Remember” is a collaboration with Southern Hip-hop producer, Cory Mo (Gucci Mane, UGK) and Ezenwa “Bigfoot” Ogbona (Illbliss, Nosa, Aramide) where Marenikae boldly and passionately shares her story as an anthem that she wrote to both empower women and to demonstrate their collective strength. Instead of the age-old story starring a scorned woman nursing her tears in bitterness after infidelity; “Remember” is a battle cry for women to dry their tears and get back into the business of conquering the world. In the face of the current #METOO firestorm of testimonies, Marenikae encourages women to use their collective voice to define power in their own terms.

“Ajebutter” will be available everywhere on March 11, 2018, followed by the anticipated release of the video for the club banger “Smooth Operator” directed by Patrick Ellis. Don’t miss a beat, follow MARENIKAE on social media to feel the power of the movement. “Ajebutter” March 11, 2018.




Track Listing:

1. Rose High – reminiscent of its moniker, Rose High is flirtatious yet addictive. It’s a sultry Afro neo soul jam, that shows off Marenikae’s vocal tones and versatility. It discussed a relationship that is addictive, but the protagonist is hesitant about staying in it and is also hesitant about walking away.
This song was heavily inspired by Nigerian crooner Dare Art Alade.
Produced by Nigerian producer Bigfoot.

2. Gidi – An homage to the city MARENIKAE grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and an ode to honest work and honest living. Refuting the idea that most Nigerians are scammers. A fusion of neo-soul and jazz style syncopation combined with some feel good African drums.
GIDI released on the 19th of Dec 2017, video shot in Lagos, directed by ALEXIS, coming soon. Song produced by Bigfoot and soprano. Inspired by Nigerian artist Sade

3.Smooth Operator – a colorful mid-tempo track celebrating and embracing the Ajebutter slang and urging the listener to be true to whatever their “butter” is. A song about celebrating the underdog and how one should never underestimate another person regardless of how “smooth” and “cool” they look. Also making fun of a Nigerian habit of leaning on cars and using the action metaphorically to symbolize disrespect.
Single Released 7th of Nov,2017, video shot by Patrick Ellis in Atlanta and is to be released March 14th.

3. The Bad Bitch interludes- the metaphorical slap in the face that every woman needs to remind them that they are worth everything. Womanist fueled angst against African drums reminds women to be bold and unapologetic versions of themselves. The song switches up from an infectious African beat to a dirty minimal breakdown. Extremely catchy.

4. Luh u ryt – MARENIKAE pulls from her American influences with a Backstreet Boy interpolation in this love song determined to convince a loved one that unconditional love is given freely not earned. The most traditionally African beat on the album but Marenikae delivers vocals and lyrics in a very contemporary style. Very infectious.

5. Vybz – with a melodic pace synonymous with its moniker, Vybz is the interpolation of the Yoruba term “GONGO ASO KUTUPA”! Translation: fantastic things will happen. The cocky lyrics suggests telling a significant other to come to wherever you’re at because fantastic things happen “anywhere you dey”.

Inspired by Nigerian artist 9ice, Produced by Bigfoot

6. Kraze/Krase – another opportunity for feminine boldness as MARENIKAE taunts with promises of being too much to handle. The song is brazened yet flirty with an undeniable hint of sensuality.

Produced by Bigfoot































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