Marvin Church: ‘When you master your craft you build confidence’

Marvin Church: ‘When you master your craft you build confidence’

Marvin Church: ‘When you master your craft you build confidence’

Originally published on The Industry Cosign January 16, 2015

Marvin Church, AKA ‘Marv the Barb’, is a celebrated groomer, educator and image consultant. Having worked with the likes of various esteemed lawyers, politicians and power players in the business field, he also makes some of Hollywood’s leading celebrities, comedians and athletes look a tad better with his expertise. You may have seen a lot of his work on many people and in a score of magazines and ads, even that commercial you saw last night while relaxing at home!The Industry Cosign got Church to slow down just enough to answer a few questions and give an insight on what he does, his mindset in doing so and what advice he’d give you if you asked.

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What makes ‘Marv the Barb’ a Master Groomer and how and why did you choose to pursue a career in grooming?

To become a master barber, you have to acquire the hours.  To become a groomer includes the ability to be able to do male makeup and a host of other services.
I started this profession because I wanted to look sharp. I wanted a crisper and more detailed shape-up. Even though I was nine years old, I was a pretty good artist and my creativity was out the box. I chose barbering due to the impact that I made in my early years with clients. I had the ability to change a person’s look and feel with my ability to design the perfect haircut. That impact was priceless!  I felt more like an artist then a barber.

As an entrepreneur, what do you feel is the best quality and/or characteristic you have that has allowed you to not only become successful in business, but to stay consistent and be able to continue to run a successful venture?

I think my best quality is that I am a people person and I can cut anybody from anywhere, globally!  I attribute that to being patient and understanding that clients are people that enjoy a sense of importance. It is the reason that I still schedule appointments. It keeps the order of importance at a VIP level and I consistently groom every client as if they’re a star.

You have had the pleasure of having clients like Kevin Durant, TD Jakes, Brad Pitt and even MC Lyte. They all have separate, distinctive styles and needs, how are you able to groom these type of clients and then turn around and have regular non-celebrity clients to also take care of? Is the mindset different when working with the celebs and the non-celebs?

When you master your craft you build confidence. That confidence is seen in the way you approach the clients and how you work. If every client feels as though they are of importance, there are never thoughts of favoritism. Clients want to know that you can make and feel their very best. Whether my clients are off to dinner, a photo shoot, or a visit to the White House, my mindset is the same, to get the job done. With celebrities, your work will be seen around the world and critiqued on every level which leaves little room for error. It will also serve as your resume to acquire more celebrity clients. I am constantly mindful that I am are there to do a job, not to be a friend or a homey.  I respect all paying clients no matter their profession.

The environment in this world nowadays is to have multiple hustles, even when you have a main gig. Does Marvin Church have any other businesses or endeavors currently going on and/or do you plan on doing anything in the near future?

I travel outside of the shop for athletes, basketball, MMA, boxers etc. I have recently launched my own product line, HARRY JAMES. It is a line of grooming product that’s doing very well. I am also creating a series of master’s classes for barbers and beauty industry professionals. I am also working with a few shows that are in pre-production.

What advice would you give anyone who is interested in taking their passion and turning it into a career and not only making it a career, but making it last?

We are all here for a reason and when passion is involved, it’s a undeniable love. Follow your passion with your eyes and ears open because when you mesh knowledge and skill with the constant ability to do the work at a high level, it becomes a career. Keep education at the forefront and an open mind to growth and you will have a lasting career that will not only enhance your life but will inspire others to do the same.

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