Matt Citron "Tabasco Flows Pt.2"

Matt Citron “Tabasco Flows Pt.2”

Matt Citron "Tabasco Flows Pt.2"

The 22 year old Atlanta native, Matt Citron, has begun to make a name for himself as a new artist in the world of Hip-Hop by combining a strikingly bold East Coast flow alongside bright pulsating melodies. With production ranging from New York’s golden age of Just Blaze bangers, to modern future bass and indie electronica inspired records, a distinctly unique sound is what you can expect to find from Matt Citron.

Hip-hop artist Matt Citron is an Atlanta native, but growing up with two New York born parents gave him a distinct and unique style unlike what you may expect from Atlanta’s music scene today. With family ties to jazz, Citron was born with music in his blood, however his first real passion was in basketball. Influenced by his father who used to play in the summer league at the West 4th Street courts, Greenwich Village (also known as “The Cage”), Matt was playing basketball before he could walk, and continued to play through high school and college.

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Matt Citron “Tabasco Flows”

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It was in his high shool years that Matt found rap. Listening to artists like Outkast, Ludacris, T.I, and Dipset from a young age, Citron had been writing his whole life, however after hearing some friends freestyling, Matt became wildy inspired right away and decided to try it out himself. It became an outlet of passion, and he would freestyle with his friends after school and at parties often up to 6 hours at a time. After a while Matt started writing down his raps along with freestyling, and rapidly became more involved and interested in hiphop as an art.

After gaining a division one scholarship to play college basketball in South Carolina, the bustling industry that is organized college basketball made it clear to Matt that hip-hop was his primary passion, as he felt himself falling out of love with basketball. He began using all his spare time to write and develop songs. Feeling like he needed to get back to a big city and with such strong ties to New York, Matt Citron transferred to Adelphi University, Long Island, a mere 30 minute train ride to Penn Station in the heart of Manhattan. This began somewhat of a double life for Citron between basketball and music, as still on a scholarship Matt would often make trips into the city to immerse himself in the hip-hop scene as much as he could without the knowledge of his coaches. At the end of his first year Matt got hit in the eye during a pickup basketball game. This resulted in a torn retina and although he returned to Adelphi for one more semester, he could no longer play. As he sat at practices and games waiting for his eye to fully recover, watching his teammates play, the realisation that basketball was no longer his calling became more and more evident. Choosing to move back to Atlanta, Matt Citron became deeply involved in his music and decided to fully pursue a career in music. Shortly after his return, Matt was introduced to legendary Atlanta hip hip radio DJ, Greg Street, by good friend and iconic artist Gilbert Young.

Right away Greg Street fell in love with Matt’s distinctive sound and started working extremely closely with Matt to help him build a name in the music industry.
Already with cosigns from names such as Greg Street, DJ Khaled, Just Blaze, DJ Drama, and Busta Rhymes Matt Citron is beginning to carve a name for himself in the world of hip-hop.

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