A Michael Jackson impersonator engaged in fisticuffs while defending himself against a drunken man

Michael Jackson Impersonator Defends Himself Against Drunk Man In Las Vegas

A Michael Jackson impersonator saw Blood on the Dance Floor recently when he engaged in fisticuffs while defending himself against a drunken man.

In a video clip that went viral on social media, Santana Jackson, who is a Michael Jackson impersonator is seen in a State of Shock as he is tangling with a drunk man.

Jackson, who also trains in mixed martial arts reposted the video on his Instagram while giving a short explanation as to what happened:

“That’s why I train I’m not trying to hurt this guy just trying to restrain him from swinging at me
So I was performing and this guy came out of nowhere and started hitting me so I have to put him down for his own good
Please know I don’t think fighting is the answer so try to avoid a fight if u can . Stay safe”


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Although it was a Dangerous situation, Jackson may have had Butterflies, but he pulled out the Victory over the not-so-Smooth Criminal.

After the clip went viral, Black Twitter remains undefeated as the video clip was viewed more than 2 million times.

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