Michael Jordan Can Sell Billions of Dollars of Air Jordans but Can't Sell his Chicago Home

Michael Jordan Can Sell Billions of Dollars of Air Jordans but Can’t Sell his Chicago Home

He can definitely sell sneakers, but a house?

Being the greatest basketball player and best pitchman doesn’t always guarantee a sale. One of the few men who can be described as such, Michael Jordan is and has been having trouble trying to unload his house in Chicago.

According to Business Insider, after placing his house, a home that he actually lived in, on sale over 10 years ago, it still has an on-sale sign hanging from it. Even after slicing the purchase price of the property to almost half of the original sale price, there doesn’t seem to be any buyers. The price was listed at $29 million initially.

Now, the purchase price to snag the luxury mansion is now $14,855,000. That amounts to $265 per square foot when the first selling price was $517 per square foot. Do you want more proof that the property is everything Jordan? Add up the single digits in the purchase price and you’ll get 23. For people who don’t know, 23 was Jordan’s basketball jersey number.

It’s speculated that anyone would want to own a house that was lived in by Jordan, but, that doesn’t appear to be the case. The house measures 56,000 square feet on a 7-acre compound that sits on property located in Highland Park, IL. One of the reasons it may not have sold yet is that the house is undeniably Jordan’s. Every detail of the house had Jordan’s personal touch to it and it may not appeal to anyone not named Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

Bruce Bowers of Bowers Realty Group says, “It’s clearly his home. There’s a lot of work that would have to be done to make it your own.”

Amenities include a full-size basketball court, of course, a pool equipped with fish, a tennis court, a putting green for golf enthusiasts, and even a piano room, just to name a few. Nine bedrooms and 19 bathrooms. Oh, and a guest house is located on the premises.

The house is even fully furnished!

Yet, it’s been on the market since 2012. He lived in this house for 19 years.

The house is still being kept up to date as there is a staff that still properly cleans and keeps it tidy. You know, just in case a buyer shows up!

Since the house is still operable, he is paying more than $130,000 annually on property taxes. Since the house has been on the market, the basketball legend has paid more than $2.5 million keeping the taxes current. He is worth $1.9 billion, so, it looks like he can afford it presently.

For those who are worried that he may be homeless while trying to sell this place, no need for concern, since he owns the Charlotte Hornets, he purchased a lakefront house in North Carolina. If you have about $15 million just lying around, take a trip to Illinois, maybe you’ll see something you like!

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