Mickael to Drop her First Kreyol Album 'Graten'

Mickael to Drop her First Kreyol Album ‘Graten’

Mickael to Drop her First Kreyol Album 'Graten'

The Artist known as “Mickael” set to drop her
first Kreyol album “Graten” – Summer 2017 just got hotter!



Port-au-Prince, Haiti – Known for her ultra-eclectic style, colorful lyrics and conscious filled songs, the artist known as Mickael has been wowing fans since “Haitian Boy”, a project released under the all-female group Bel. As a Rapper and Singer, Mickael has set herself apart from anyone else in the community by remaining grounded and connected to the Haitian culture, its people and now its language.

Her new album, “Graten”, set to be release this summer, was inspired by Mickael’s love of all things Haiti. From food to art, this record encompasses every talent, be it writing, rapping and singing.

I wanted to catch that Haitian fever, that hotness that only Haiti embodies, so I let Haiti guide me. “Graten” was composed in Haiti because I wanted to breathe that Kreyol air and be with the masses while creating every song. It was important to me for the integrity of the album and for my own personal growth as an artist,” explains Mickael.

Produced by Wanito, Luc Leandry and Groove Box, “Graten” is her first Kreyol album, but Mickael is no stranger to the Haitian Music Industry. As mentioned before the Bel project was one of her first introductions to the musical community, but she was also featured on “Viens Avec Moi,” with Wanito and released three freestyles in 2016 called Brooklyn, Kisa Ki Mickael and Plan Original, that allowed her to receive much acclaim and some positive feedback.

I’m all about female empowerment. It’s been a dream of mine to give the community that much needed feminine touch so that our men feel appreciated and our ladies are reminded of their strength and power,” expresses Mickael with sincerity.

Graten” is a person voyage for Mickael who has always dreamed of releasing an album in her native Kreyol tongue and this summer the world will be able to see her songstress prowess, her captivating melodies and her mindful poetry set to song.

Look for her first single to be released in March and stay tuned for more from Mickael. Follow her on social media @Mickaelartist.


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