Mike City "The Healing" Feat Defari, Ras Kass, & Tuffy

Mike City “The Healing” Feat Defari, Ras Kass & Tuffy

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Singer/Songwriter/Producer Mike City and Friends are among the growing list of entertainers using their voices to speak out against the increasing senseless acts of violence consuming the country. With everyone looking for answers, Mike City contends ‘once we stop being judged by the color of our skin, thats when the healing can begin.’ Joined by his longtime friends Vincent “Tuffy” Morgan of the Hip-hop duo Chanel Live, Likwit Junkie member, Defari and West Coast emcee Ras Kass, City releases “The Healing” a conscientious groove that speaks to the root of the injustices insighting communities to clap back with retalitory demonstrations.

The spotlight cast on the barrage of African Americans killed by police or gun violence have spawned protests, boycotts and even violence as reckless rhetoric fueled by fear and loathing from protesters for and against the Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives matter movements have created a divisivness that has this nation on the brink of civil unrest. “We have to begin to heal as a nation, says City but we also have to heal as a people, we have to find a way to stop harming one another and start loving each other as a people again but until we stop being looked at as inferior there can’t be any change.”

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