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Mike Tyson Prevents Man From Shooting Up Hollywood Comedy Club

Mike Tyson Prevents Man From Shooting Up Hollywood Comedy Club

Mike Tyson emerged as a winner again when he reportedly stopped what could have been a deadly shooting and/or death when he attended a comedy club earlier this week.

According to TMZ Sports, a patron at a Hollywood rooftop bar pulled out a firearm and the former heavyweight boxing champion, through his actions prevented a tragedy from taking place!

The incident is captured on video. Tyson and several people were taking in a comedy show as a comedian was performing on stage, a man approaches Tyson’s table, which was in front of the comedian. As the comedian is doing his set, the man moves toward Tyson and starts talking to him. According to witnesses, he was actually challenging Tyson to a fight to get some clout.

Tyson keeps his cool and although engaging with the man, he keeps his cool as the man keeps on talking to him. As the man is doing so, another man goes to the culprit and tries to distance him from Tyson’s presence, pushing him back in the process. As the man, who is purportedly the host of the show, shoves the man towards the exit, he gets agitated and threatens to shoot the host. Taking a step back, the man pulls out a weapon from his waist and points it towards the host. People start to scramble.

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