Misdom - Still The Same

Misdom – Still The Same


“Still the Same” by Misdom ~Changing the R&B Game!


It’s not always easy for artists to find their voice in this vast musical landscape but when your talent is undeniable the landscape finds a place for you organically, such is the case with Myrtle Beach, S.C. singer/songwriter//producer, Misdom.

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Enticingly sensual and raw vibrations ooze from the vocals of this Soulful crooner. Recently releasing his first single through the Misdom Music / Globestone, entitled “Still the Same” Misdom wants to show the world a new alternative in R&B. Get to know a little more about this home-grown soul singer as he prepares to captivate the music world.

But first check out this hot new video “Still the Same”



Q: How long have you been singing?

MIsdom: I’ve been performing since I was about 19 before that lyrically I was doing more rapping. When I started, actually I was doing more Rock that’s when Rock was kind of bigger on MySpace, but I was putting more production on it -like electronic production, but eventually I got rid of the Rock I got rid of the band members started going solo and began DJing that’s when I got into more Hip Hop/R&B..

Q: What made you change?

MISDOM: I guess it was what I was listening to most at the time and realized I was feeling it the most. I think as an artist you are constantly finding out what you like the most by simply going through life, especially the teenage years and the young adult years that’s when things change a lot but I just landed in the chill arms of R&B I guess because I like it the most.

Q: Who are some of your musical influences throughout those phases of music?

MISDOM: The Rock influences, they’re not even on the map anymore, like Taking Back Sunday were some people that I really liked, also Devil Wears Prada; these were some hardcore Rock people from back then. I’d say from 2010 that transition from then till now I’ve listened to a lot of music some that doesn’t even have words to them. I don’t specifically listen to R&B artists, but I do like The Weekend and Drake’s whole OVO Camp, I really admire that sound over there, but when I turn on Pandora what I usually listen to typically l doesn’t have words to it just very relaxing music like this band called Explosions From the Sky. I take a lot of music influence from that because there’s no words in it they usually use their music to score films and what not so my influences are kind of diverse I guess.

Q: How would you describe your musical style?

MISDOM: I would describe it definitely like a modern R&B. I wouldn’t want to just flat out say R&B because you have your different R&B Styles like there’s the traditional R&B and I wouldn’t say it’s quite like that, it’s more of an experimental side of R&B, more alternative I guess, alternative R&B.


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Q: How did you get into the industry?

MISDOM: It’s kind of a long story but I got a lot of trouble when I was 17 which led to me ending up on house arrest and so at that point there was nothing I could do, especially when you’re stuck in the house with not even parents or anyone there ever, so I was just alone in the house couldn’t do anything.

Q: Why were you alone where are your parents?

MISDOM: They were going through a divorce at the time and my dad was staying in a different city not even staying there and my mom I don’t know where ever she was at that time so I was just at home in a place that at one time we all used to live in but they hadn’t sold it yet so I was just there. I ended up hooking up this computer that I found in the bedroom I was in. It was crammed with filing cabinets and there was a desk in there it was really cramped up in there so I hooked up the computer and layed on the floor for like hours at a time and just started making beats and this was back when Myspace was popping so I made a MySpace page and started putting my beats up there and named it this band called Technicolor Void (TCV) because I wasn’t really confident in what I was doing at the time. I was brand new and kind of sucked, I really sucked, so I just put that name on there then people started catching on to it and wanted to see me perform so that’s when I announced my name as the producer and from there this guy named Ron who worked for the radio station over in South Carolina really helped me out when he noticed one of our songs and put it on the radio. He then got us a show with Kesha that kind of launched the whole game plan from there everything seems more like a reality.

Q: Your latest video is really hot, tell me about the concept?

MISDOM: The new video is called “Still the Same” Alex directed that one as well, and the whole point of the story from a lyrical standpoint is that I’ve been through many walks of life coming from South Carolina and moving to LA, some up, some down, sometimes sleeping on couches to sleeping in big ass houses it’s been ’s so up-and-down you never know what to expect; but through all of that I’m still the same nothing’s ever changed my character, except maturity of course, but when it comes to me if you knew me from back then till today I’m still the same. As far as the video goes though I let Alex recreate it conceptually, the video has a different story of me getting caught with the mistress it’s a little darker approach just more of a way to relate and captivate the audience.

Q: Well it’s an awesome visual what’s next for you?

MISDOM: The plan is to just keep releasing singles in preparation for a full album. I want my fans to really get to know my music first before delivering another full album because people really don’t want to spend an hour listening to music from someone they don’t know, but if you keep consistently hitting them with good music single after single then they will be anxiously awaiting your album and be more inclined to invest in you and that’s what I want.


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