Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin Join UGAA to Help Launch STEM Educational eSport After-school Program

Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin Join UGAA to Help Launch STEM Educational eSport After-School Program

Universal Gamers Amateur Association (UGAA) is a leader in innovative, online education curriculum. The company combines STEM education programs with an eSport gaming component to fulfill a demand for unique, high-quality after-school programs that promote creativity, critical thinking, and other life skills.

Founded by Patrick Kenny, Dejan Matic, Brian Kenny, and NBA Hall of Fame members Chris Mullin and Mitch Richmond, UGAA has built a unique business and educational model within its existing Learning Management System. The organization is actively partnering with school systems, leaders in STEM education, and Fortune 500 corporations across the country to offer eSport gaming with an educational after-school curriculum.

“Our program fills an existing need for STEM-based educational after-school programs combined with the appeal of eSport gaming that interests students,” says Patrick Kenny, CEO of Universal Gamers Amateur Association.

UGAA is focused on broad-scale adoption by public and private educational systems and organizations nationwide of online learning and leadership programs.

“The opportunity to generate business from school systems starved for interesting and exciting after-school curriculum has proven, in its earliest stages, to be a viable revenue generating business model,” says Dejan Matic, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of UGAA.

There are currently 10 million students participating in after-school activities today throughout the country. UGAA estimates there are an additional 19 million unserved students who would participate if they were able to join an after-school eSport program.

“In a world where the majority of parents are working, the UGAA program operating within school districts provides a safe, productive and educational environment for students and fills the need for after-school activities in a range of communities,” says Mitch Richmond, former NBA All-Star, Hall of Famer and co-founder of UGAA.

A portion of UGAA revenue goes to the eSportCares Foundation which gives back to educational and underserved communities through scholarships and additional relief efforts.

“As an organization, we’re really focused on providing after-school programming that kids are not only excited about participating in, but also empowers them by helping them prepare for secondary education, career paths and to become leaders in their communities,” says Chris Mullin, former NBA All-Star, Hall of Famer and co-founder of UGAA.


The UGAA program provides STEM educational, leadership and life skills courses with an eSport gaming component to school districts nationwide. The company taps into both the massive eSport market and the educational STEM market through its existing global Learning Management System to bring together regional school districts and national amateur youth leagues and organizations as an after-school educational and eSport gaming program. UGAA offers a range of curriculum in a secure environment that can be tailored to the STEM and STREAM goals of school systems and organizations nationwide. Moreover, UGAA’s amateur designation preserves participants’ amateur status. UGAA’s established technological backend and online streaming system is already doing business with access to school systems, which greatly accelerates the company’s ramp-up and access to students.

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