Moms of Ballers Will Cultivate Future Leaders

Moms of Ballers Will Cultivate Future Leaders

Moms of Ballers is Here to Take Action
New Nonprofit Aims to Become One of the Solutions to Save Our Youth 

New York, NY, September 8, 2016
– Moms of Ballers (MOB) is the new nonprofit for young athletes ages 10 -14. The new Non Profit aims to become one of the solutions specifically for young athletes who are underserved, by building a culture that uses its community to provide support and guidance to better the communities.
The mission is to take action to help save our youth through mentoring and developmental programs geared around sports, nutrition and academics. MOB will develop programs to engage, empower and motivate our youth to become invaluable members of society. MOB will cultivate future leaders who understand the importance of paying it forward and continuing to build a legacy for the next generation.
Their strategy is to establish strategic partnerships with Amateur Athlete Union (AAU), educational institutions, community centers and law enforcement to build bridges and create supportive environments.  They will host outreach events, networking events and fundraising basketball tournaments.  As well as implement sports training and tutoring programs, and leverage active parents in the community as mentors. They need the support from the community to accomplish these goals.
Co-founder Nicole Todd said, “Children need role models. We have to show them, talking about it is just not enough.”  Todd is currently the Senior Diversity Manager at PepsiCo.
Co-founder Felicia Sellers “Every child needs a hand, lend them at least one and watch their life expand.” Sellers is currently a Crisis Intervention Teacher (CIT), Jersey City Public Schools.
Please visit and be a part of the movement.  Donate and sign up as a volunteer, mentor or a member.
Moms of Ballers (MOB) is a nonprofit 501C organization established to better lives in urban communities, creating opportunities for our diverse youth through mentoring and developmental programs geared around sports, nutrition and academics.  There is a niche that is needed to be filled to save generations of young boys and girls throughout New York City and New Jersey. The need for change is unquestionable. The crime rate in urban areas is woefully increasing, losing our youth to the streets because of the lack of parental support and the support from the people in our communities. To learn more information about MOB or to donate to the event, please visit
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