Mo’Nique Reveals Katt Williams Helped Fellow Comedian Yvette Wilson Until She Died

Mo’Nique Reveals Katt Williams Helped Fellow Comedian Yvette Wilson Until She Died

Comedian Mo’Nique recently revealed another act of kindness that fellow artist, Katt Williams partook in that many people may not have known. She expressed that Williams took in “Moesha” actress Yvette Wilson to care for her before she died in 2012.

In a recent Instagram Live video, Mo’Nique and her husband, Sidney Hicks discussed Williams and mentioned the tidbit about Wilson, who played the character, Andell Wilkerson on both the television show, “Moesha” and the spinoff series, “The Parkers” which starred Mo’Nique. She died in 2012 after losing a battle with stage 4 cervical cancer and kidney disease, according to the Atlanta Black Star.

Mo’Nique once again stood up to defend Williams in the video clip.

“I want to say this about our brother Katt Williams,” Mo’Nique stated. “Through the years, I would always hear things, ‘OK, he won’t show up to the shows, he ain’t this, he ain’t that.’ That’s one of the purest cats in this game.”

The couple were speaking about “TRUTH, ACCOUNTABILITY, & TRAUMA.” Well into the conversation, she turned her attention to the “Friday After Next” actor and stated that she sought his permission to reveal the kind act he did for a fellow human being in her time of need. Wilson, who was also a comedian who appeared in “House Party 2,” “House Party 3,” and “Friday,” needed money to assist with her medical care. A friend, Jeffrey Pittle, started an online fundraiser on, which was acquired by GoFundMe, to obtain $25,000 for the actress.

When “the website only raised 56% of the $25,000 needed” to assist Wilson, Mo’Nique stated that Williams took care of her “until she left this earth. Atlanta Black Star reported that Williams donated $12,000 to the cause. Mo’Nique said, “There was a woman named Yvette Wilson, who played Andell on ‘The Parkers,’ and when Andell took ill, it was a man named Katt Williams who just stepped in and took care of that sister until she left this earth.”

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