Mr. Lif - Let Go (feat. Selina Carrera)

Mr. Lif – Let Go (feat. Selina Carrera)

Mr. Lif Video Premiere
Let Go (feat. Selina Carrera)


“A macabre and psychadelic love story shot by Jon Webb. Backed by Selina Carrera’s powerful vocals on the chorus, Lif spits dense tongue twisters like “The goal is to search deeper grow smarter and think harder/Plus avoidance of the grim reaper/you don’t need to be a martyr.” – Mass Appeal




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feat. Akrobatik, Del, Blacastan, Selina Carrera, Erica Dee
prod. Edan, Fakts One, Caliph-Now, TaylorMade, Alex Gale, Synesthetic Nation


Welcome to “Don’t Look Down,” Mr. Lif’s first solo album in seven years, a chronicle of personal evolution, internal strength, and the ebbs and flows of life. It’s the most introspective and harrowingly personal work from the ex-Def Jux legend—a record borne from successes, failures, and hard-learned lessons.

The Boston prophet’s first new work for Mello Music Group directly addresses the difficulties of keeping your head up amidst duress. You hear and feel the intensity of the fight, the sense of falling into despair, the helplessness of drowning, and the power of being able to save yourself.

Over a 10-song cycle, Lif delivers poetic testament that avoids preachiness. These are agnostic sermons written to conceal and nurture him during a bleak period—cathartic confessionals that offered a conduit to bliss. The structure of “Don’t Look Down” mirrors this personal descent and rebirth, a hero’s journey worthy of Joseph Campbell.


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