Eric Bellinger Single 'Curious' With Cordae Featuring Fabolous

Eric Bellinger ‘Curious’ With Cordae Featuring Fabolous

Eric Bellinger’s Musical Brilliance Has Him Locked In, Making Hits That Defy Expectations And Inspire The Next Generation Of Stars

New Single “Curious” With Cordae Featuring Fabolous Is A Chart-Climbing Hit

(LOS ANGELES, CA) June 14, 2023 – As his new song “Curious” with Cordae featuring Fabolous reaches new heights (surpassing a million views on YouTube and hitting #1 on Rhythmic Radio and #33 on the Top 40), Eric Bellinger is locked in position as a powerful bridge between other talents in the industry and a true hit-maker in his own right. From getting the nod from legend D’Angelo to use the beat from his 90s staple “Lady,” for “Curious,” to starting his own artist development firm and record label All Wins, Eric Bellinger has established himself as one of the wisest artists in the R&B game, showcasing a level of maturity and insight that sets him apart from his peers. With artists like Dom Belli, Liyah the Libra and Isaiah Jermod on his record label, amazing young artists who rap or sing as well as write, All Wins is allowing Eric Bellinger to share his gifts and “be of service,” as he puts it, to a new generation. But Bellinger not only supports and inspires the next generation, he also remains a significant figure in the current R&B scene, helping to create what’s resonating in the genre right now.

With a career spanning over a decade, Bellinger’s prowess shines through his introspective lyrics and buttery vocals. His ability to delve into themes of love, relationships, and personal growth with nuance is truly remarkable. But Bellinger’s wisdom is not limited to his lyricism; he consistently displays great instincts and authenticity in his business moves and public persona. As Bellinger recently explained about recording “Curious” for his new album 1(800) HIT-EAZY: LINE 2 produced by Hitmaka, “when I first recorded the song I didn’t do a second verse because I just believed that it would be a single. I just believed that if we ever released it somebody else would finish it for me, and Fabolous and Cordae did that. Sometimes I’m just tapped in to know that my fans or my supporters or even just the song itself needs more of me, it needs more of my standpoint, of me breaking it down because I write different than everyone. I’m on home court advantage on my own track, so I’m going to write a second verse that breaks the song down even more, or hit you with a totally different perspective. Or maybe I might do something different, but it’s always in the moment that I know that I should finish it or wait and know that I’ve said my part and I got enough of my story off.”

Through his music, Bellinger proves that wisdom and introspection can coexist with soulful melodies and captivating performances, solidifying his status as a truly remarkable artist in the R&B genre. The Usher Tiny Desk performance that Bellinger joined last year was an extraordinary display of that talent, as the intimate and stripped-down setting allowed Usher’s smooth vocals to shine brightly, while Bellinger’s soulful harmonies added an extra layer of richness to the performance. Usher and Bellinger’s passion and energy were infectious, drawing the viewers into their musical journey. Bellinger recalls that the way the performance came together was so organic, it was clearly meant-to-be: “Usher is someone I’ve looked up to my whole career. To have gained a relationship with him, not only in the studio but also as a brotherhood, it’s done a lot for my confidence. A lot of times when it’s someone who you look up to and you value who sees you, it means more than having the attention of the world. Now to see so many people doing the Tiny Desk in that format that we kind of started as far as getting multiple artists on stage–I just saw Babyface with Tank behind him–it’s dope to usher in, no pun intended, a new style for this series. It’s just dope to be a part of that and always be a frontrunner for all things R&B for this new generation. Those are moments you just got to be ready for, I just happened to be in Atlanta already working on my new album while Usher was there. I got the call to work with him and it’s been a great ride ever since.” Eric Bellinger’s remarkable talent, wisdom, and unwavering dedication to his craft have firmly established him as an influential figure in R&B, paving the way for future artists and leaving an indelible mark on the genre.
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Eric Bellinger ‘Curious’ With Cordae Featuring Fabolous

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