Nas Partners With MasterClass to Teach the Art of Hip-Hop Storytelling

Nas Partners With MasterClass to Teach the Art of Hip-Hop Storytelling

One of the most esteemed Hip-Hop storytellers is about to allow you to see the process of how he creates hit songs. Nasir Jones, better known as Nas is doing a MasterClass for aspiring storytellers.

The educational platform, MasterClass has recently announced that Nas will be giving students the art of storytelling this week for those who sign up for the course given by the lyrical wordsmith.

According to Complex, the “You Can Hate Me Now” rapper will drop the jewels to his craft on October 14. The rap icon has just released a single and video titled “Big Nas” (Original Song from MasterClass)” With this week’s MasterClass debut, Nas will present people who enroll the conception of penning a Hip-Hop song via 12 video lessons that they can learn from.

In an exclusive interview with Complex, Nas gives a little explanation of why he agreed to partner with MasterClass to share some knowledge of how he does it.

“I feel like everybody has their own technique. If you take a look at mine, it’s really too much to say in one MasterClass. If you take my technique, I think you’ll find that it might be real similar to yours if you’re a writer. You might see things that you do that are similar or that you didn’t see before in yourself. You might find that I gave you something that could add to what you’re doing, and I think that’s important. I think that’s where we’re at in the business: it’s to share.”

Nas, who is also an astute businessman through his own venture capital firm QueensBridge Venture Partners, has put money into companies such as Robinhood Markets Inc., Coinbase Global Inc., DropBox Inc. and, Lyft Inc. — now all public companies.

It was recently announced this past summer that Premium Nicaraguan cigar maker Escobar Cigars® by Puros Privados, Inc. had announced they have struck a global strategic partnership with the Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum recording artist “Escobar.” Nas is now a co-owner and equity partner of Escobar Cigars.

Nas Partners With MasterClass to Teach the Art of Hip-Hop Storytelling

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