It Needs To Be CED: The Key to Beating Donald Trump

It Needs To Be CED: The Key to Beating Donald Trump

The Trump Factor is rather quite simple and people aren’t getting it, particularly politicians. No one anticipated Trump to still be a factor this late in the game, ESPECIALLY the Republicans, who are probably more embarrassed than anyone else in this country, that none of the establishment’s choices have done anything remotely damaging to Trump or his campaign for president. I mean, even Jeb Bush has given up and he was slated to be in a much better position than anyone not named Paul Ryan (Remember him?).

Now, the formula to beat Trump is so simple that none of the Republican candidates won’t even try it and even if so, it’s a tad bit too late! Now, the United States of America has to go through this embarrassing thing called the Presidential Election by pitting one of the most absurd candidates to ever be placed on the ballot, because the establishment STILL plays by the rules that are so antiquated that it’s ridiculous that it’s taken this long to expose what’s wrong with American politics.


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You know how to beat Donald Trump? It’s simple, stop being a politician and actually speak to the people the way the people want to be spoken to!

See how simple that was!

I feel that it’s not that most people actually agree with Trump, I feel it’s because they like the fact that he goes against the grain and not follow the script that politicians have been following for years. Now, just think about it. President Obama was elected because of his approach, not necessarily because of what he was talking about. Yes, some of you will disagree with me, but, it’s evident the way this president has been so disrespected despite all his accomplishments and barriers placed in front of him. Did you REALLY think this country was ready for a Black president? Not as much as you think, I believe they were more ready for a change of how a politician spoke to them which is why Obama resonated with so many people on some many levels.

Now, back to Trump. You can tell (outside of the obvious racists and ignorant people who hang on to his every word!) by how he speaks, that people gravitate towards him, NOT because of what he says, but, more so because of how he bucks the system and does what he wants to do and doesn’t care because he lives by his own rules. Now, how many of us wish that we can do the same thing and be successful because of it? C’mon, you know you feel that way!

So, in short, if any of Trump’s ‘rivals’ had taken a similar approach and had bucked the system (I mean, wasn’t that Chris Christie’s job?), I can assure you that Trump’s rising star would have been short circuited by now. So, anyone who wants to obtain office and understand that, we, the people, are SICK of how politicians treat us, will be highly successful!!!


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