Nesbeth "Doing Me"

Nesbeth “Doing Me”

Nesbeth "Doing Me"



Premiering last week to rave reviews, Digital Vibez/Prizzmatic Wet Wax Riddim hit filled songs are already steaming up the international airwaves from Jamaica to the UK. Breakthrough single “Doing Me” performed by reggae star Nesbeth is becoming a much requested songs captivating reggae lovers.

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A nuh just now! So we stay from birth, October the second so we balance inna earth, we nuh weak we nuh chase every black woman skirt, music fi life but a nuh every concert we perform inna check the formula, we nuh come ya fi loose we born winna, tsunami storm inna ya cant keep we calm inna, eat good food mek we stamina…up ! up! Up!” -sings Nesbeth on Doing Me.

Nesbeth “Doing Me” and the full Wet Waxx Riddim can be heard on soundcloud, while Wet Waxx Riddim is now available on iTunes Spotify Rhapsody and all major online digital stores.





Jamaican reggae artist Nesbeth grew up in the urban Arnett Gardens neighbourhood of West Kingston on the island of Jamaica, referred to as “The Concrete Jungle” because of high crime rates and widespread economic hardship. Throughout his childhood, music was the sun in his life, and his curiosity about using it to communicate and to offer comfort to himself and others grew as he began to experiment with recording and discover his own voice.


He recorded his first single, “Reflection Of Love” in 1993 with singer Camera and since then has gathered an impressive list of accomplishments, both on his own and alongside other talented artists on stage and in the studio. His music has been released by labels such as Jack Scorpio, No Doubt Records, Down Sound Records and Shocking Vibes Production, a company that produced Nesbeth’s beloved single “So Let It Be” in 2002.

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The 2 time chart topping billboard engineer and Grammy winner for working on Sean Pauls “Dutty Rock Album” and Beenie Mans “Art & Life” Album and Multi Platinum Musician Producer and Song Writer Gary ”Shanguly” Samuels and Michael “MadVibez” Thompson are responsible for such musical offerings as 90’s Riddim, Savali Riddim, Herbal Dance Riddim, Kabaka Pyramid “This Must Be Love” featured on his debut EP and Chronixx award winning hit single “Odd Ras” featured on Rockstar Games “Grand Theft Auto V”.



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