New Orlean Saints Alvin Kamara Sued for $10 Million By Victim of Alleged Assault

New Orleans Saints Alvin Kamara Sued for $10 Million By Victim of Alleged Assault

New Orlean Saints Alvin Kamara Sued for $10 Million By Victim of Alleged Assault

An NFL player is being sued for an alleged assault that took place during Pro Bowl Weekend earlier this year.

According to ESPN, Darnell Greene Jr. is suing New Orleans Saints player, Alvin Kamara for $10 million. The lawsuit was filed in a Louisiana court last week on Friday. Green is suing him after being involved in an altercation with Kamara, another NFL player, Kansas City Chiefs Christopher Lammons, and two other men.

The lawsuit is requesting compensatory and punitive damages of $10 million. Green wants $5 million in actual damages for “pecuniary losses, pain and suffering, disfigurement, mental anguish, and past, present, and future medical expenses” and $5 million in exemplary damages.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Orleans Parish accuses Kamara and company of beating Greene and stomping on him after he was unconscious on the floor outside of a nightclub in Las Vegas. The incident happened on the morning of Feb. 5. The legal paperwork filed alleges that the New Orleans running back pushed shoved Greene into a wall, while continuously punching him in the face. He also stated that Kamara bragged about the attack to someone he was with as they left the club.

Greene said he suffered severe injuries across his body including his neck, back, head, shoulder, knees, and face. Medical testing “confirmed a disfiguring facial fracture to Greene’s right orbital bone, blunt force trauma to his head, multiple disc protrusions, and structural tears in his shoulder.” Greene claims he will need multiple surgeries as a result.

The victim also has accused NFL commissioner Roger Goodell of not taking any action, despite seeing footage of the assault.

“Kamara currently faces criminal charges for the occurrence described herein. However, these proceedings have seemingly been put on pause to allow Kamara to play an entire season for the Saints without being suspended…

“Further, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has failed to fully investigate the incident at hand, and is ostensibly waiting for the criminal proceedings to play out before issuing a suspension. It is highly suspected that Goodell has seen the violent security footage of the assault — just as Plaintiff has — but is choosing not to take corrective action. Darnell Greene refuses to allow the Commissioner, the authorities, or Kamara himself to sweep this matter under the rug.”

According to, Kamara was arrested and accused of beating someone up the night before the Pro Bowl in a Las Vegas nightclub. Kamara was arrested and charged with battery resulting in substantial bodily harm according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The LVMPD said in a written statement on Feb. 5 at around 5:50 p.m., police officers were called to a local hospital where the victim was reporting an assault. The victim stated it took place at a nightclub located in the 3500 block of South Las Vegas Boulevard.

An investigation into the matter by LVMPD detectives determined he was battered by the Saints running back Kamara. He was taken into custody without incident following his play at the Pro Bowl the next day on Feb. 6. Kamara was hauled to the Clark County Detention Center and booked for battery resulting in substantial bodily harm.

Kamara’s case has been postponed several times and his next scheduled hearing is scheduled for Nov. 9.

New Orlean Saints Alvin Kamara Sued for $10 Million By Victim of Alleged Assault

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