New Track City - Plan B

New Track City – Plan B

New Track City – Plan B


Doing things the “right way” has never been the path for Federal Way, Washington’s own New Track City. New Track City is a Hip Hop / Alternative Trio comprised of MCs Bem & Chi Stone along with Producer Dru On Beats. These guys sound more comfortable than most over any production, garnering the title “Musical Chameleons”. Musically influenced by the likes of James Brown, OutKast, A Tribe Called Quest & Kanye West, the group embodies their iconic predecessors not only sonically, but also palpably with a style all their own.


Their newest release “Plan B”, simply reinforces their diverse musicality. With the dynamic shift taking place around the world at this time from a Global Pandemic, to Police Brutality, New Track City refuses to let their dreams get deferred as they affirm this anthem for everyone sticking to their Plan A.Sometimes when life comes at you from all sides it

“This song is for everyone who hasn’t wavered, or lost sight of their mission. Above all else, “Plan B” is a reminder to everyone to “never look back there is no Plan B!”


The song is witty, cocky & experimental, all the components needed to create a classic Hip Hop record. “Plan B” is the first single off of New Track City’s upcoming Mixtape “Y.U”. which is a play on the question “Why You? This mixtape answers that question for New Track City as they voyage through a journey of understanding and acceptance guiding the listener to answer that question for themselves.




“Plan B” drops Sept 25, 2020 on all available streaming platforms. Follow New Track City on social media and see for yourself why there’s no Plan B

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