NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - 2021/08/02: Governor Andrew Cuomo holds press briefing and makes announcement to combat COVID-19 Delta variant at 633 3rd Avenue. Governor announced that employees of MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) and New York Port Authority will be required to get vaccinated or be tested weekly starting Labor Day in order to get to work. He also urged private employers to follow the state. (Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

New York Governer Andrew Cuomo Steps Down Amidst Sexual Harassment Claims

Governer Cuomo announced his resignation today after several sexual harassment allegations were made against him.

According to the New York office of the Attorney General, Cuomo harassed 11 women including state employees.

Among the claims of misconduct was that he made sexual comments, inappropriately touched or groped, and kissed the women without consent.

Cuomo is facing criminal investigations of the harassment claims. His Democrat colleagues expressed having plans to impeach him if he did not resign.

While he maintains his innocence, Cuomo announced today, “The best way I can help now is if I step aside.” He also said the accusations hurt his relationship with his daughters.

The resignation goes into effect in 14 days.

Andrew Cuomo’s successor will be Lt Governor Kathy Hochul, the first woman to serve as governor of the state of New York.

Cuomo makes number three on the list of New York governors, who left office in a blaze of scandal.

While Cuomo denies having sexually harassed anyone, he said he was, “deeply, deeply” apologetic to any women offended by his behavior. He said he believes the claims are politically motivated and he will continue to fight them.

A separate federal inquiry is investigating the possibility that the governor’s office deliberately undercounted the number of Covid deaths in New York care homes last year.

Here’s what his first accusor, Brittany Commisso, had to say on CBS This Morning:






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