Floyd Mayweather Caught on Video Rejecting Fan’s Picture Request Because his Fingernails Were Painted

Floyd Mayweather Helped Move 68 Families Affected By Recent Wildfires in Maui

He is known for flashing his fortune often and in public, letting people see just how wealthy he is, but, his generosity isn’t often publicized. Retired boxer, Floyd Mayweather is providing care for almost 70 families who have been caught up in the tragedy affecting the people of Maui.

According to TMZ Sports, the undefeated pugilist is taking action to take care of over 100 people who have been displaced by the recent wildfires in Maui.  He has helped the families by flying them to safety as well as providing them with shelter for several weeks, food for them to consume, and clothing.

Mayweather has gone into his pockets to pay for the expenses of 68 families. He purchased plane tickets to fly them from Maui to Honolulu. The hotel rooms that he has paid for will cover the families for several weeks and he is also supplying them with food from local restaurants. He is also reportedly working with retailer H & M to provide the victims with clothing from their store.

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