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Kyrie Irving Puts Up $40K in Fight For 93-Year-Old South Carolina Woman to Keep Home

Enough words can never be said about the generosity of the Dallas Mavericks’ starting point guard, Kyrie Irving. Once again, the future NBA Hall of Fame player has helped another person in need as he makes a donation of $40,000.

The plight of Josephine Wright has drawn the attention of concerned people and the media. The 93-year-old woman is fighting to save her home from real estate developers in Hilton Head Island, SC. She has stated that the Bailey Point Investment Group is pressuring her to sell the property so they can develop the land surrounding her home.

Once news got out of this taking place, studio owner, Tyler Perry has come out to support the prevention of the investment group getting possession of the land. Now, along with a host of others contributing to the fund, Irving has donated $40,000 to assist in Wright’s fight against her home being snatched from her.

A GoFundMe account was initiated in May by her granddaughter, Charise Graves, to raise funds to fight Bailey Point Investment Group in their efforts to obtain the land she currently lives on.

“My name is Charise Graves, granddaughter to Mrs. Josephine Wright, and I am reaching out to you today because my 93-year-old grandmother, a resident of Hilton Head Island, SC for over 30 years, is in desperate need of your help. Bailey Point Investment, a greedy land development company, is trying to take her property away from her as her land is situated right in the middle of their new residential subdivision, currently under construction. This land has been in our family since the end of the Civil War and she has poured her heart and soul into maintaining the property for herself and her family to enjoy for generations to come.”

The fundraiser is looking for another $100,000 to meet the current goal of $350,000.

Kyrie Irving Puts Up $40K in Fight For 93-Year-Old South Carolina Woman to Keep Home

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