Nick Cannon Reveals 'The Stork is on the Way'

Nick Cannon Reveals ‘The Stork is on the Way’

Nick Cannon Reveals ‘The Stork is on the Way’

After recently claiming that he “ain’t looking to populate the Earth completely’ and meeting with a doctor to discuss a possible vasectomy, Nick Cannon is apparently backtracking a little.

Appearing on a recent Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, Cannon has admittingly been Wild ‘n Out with his decisions pertaining to having children, then going from celibacy to considering a vasectomy, he now reveals he is expecting more children this year.

The Breakfast Club‘s Yee questions him and states, “It says you have three babies on the way, is that true or false?”

As Cannon starts to smile, he responds by saying, “When you say ‘on the way… What count are you at? Let’s just put it this way, the stork is on the way.

“It could be. This is what I said, ‘If you thought the numbers I put up in 2021 if you thought it was a lot of kids last year.”

As he goes back and forth with the hosts of Lip Service, he gets the chance to speak about conversations he had with his therapist. He goes into the time he tried celibacy and how long it lasted.

“My therapist, when I started my show and stuff, had told me I needed to chill out, so I was like ‘Yo, let’s try celibacy. And that was like October. I didn’t even make it to January. I was supposed to make it to the top of the year, but obviously, I started going through some stuff. I got depressed with the loss of my son and stuff. So, in December, and everybody saw I was so down, so everybody was like ‘I’m gonna give him a little vagina, that’s gonna cure him.’”

Cannon continued by saying he fell “victim to it” due to him being in a weak state. He mentions that right before Christmas he started having sex “like crazy.” He stated that he “was probably celibate for like a month-and-a-half strong.” He also mentions that he “had a new show, new energy” as he was dealing with a lot at that time.

Cannon has seven children, including his first set of twins, son Moroccan and daughter Monroe, with his ex-wife, singer Mariah Carey. Last year, in June, Cannon welcomed twin sons, Zion Mixolydian Cannon and Zillion Heir Cannon.

He also has another daughter, Powerful Queen, and a son, Golden, with model Brittany Bell. His youngest son, Zen, was born in July with model Alyssa Scott but passed away in December.

He is presently expecting his eighth child.

Nick Cannon Reveals ‘The Stork is on the Way’

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