Nick Cannon Admits to Wanting Ex-Wife Mariah Carey Back on Latest Song ‘Alone’

Nick Cannon Says He ‘Will Never Have a Love Like’ he Has With Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon Says He ‘Will Never Have a Love Like’ he Has With Mariah Carey

It’s sounding like babymaker Nick Cannon is pining for an ex-love!

Earlier this week, Cannon, while appearing on The Hot Tee Talk Show, the radio show host admits that he “will never have a love” like the one he had with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey.

The television star is in the midst of populating the world as he prepares for his eighth child who should be entering the world in the immediate future. But, before he started on his latest mission, Cannon was married to songbird Mariah from 2008 to 2016. Out of their union, the two had twins who are currently 11 years old, Monroe and Moroccan.

While discussing the 33rd woman inducted into The Songwriters Hall of Fame, he tells Tee, who was a comedian featured on his Wild N’ Out variety program, that if he “had the opportunity” he’d reunited with Carey. Even stating that she is his “fantasy love.”

“I guess because I’m a true romantic, I’m a true believer in love and I allow the capsules of love to be where they lie. And, I’m not a, I’m not a timeline dude. I believe like, you know, time is man-made. We make it linear when I believe it’s more reciprocal so I appreciate like I will never have a love like I have with Mariah.”

He goes on to say, “It was literally like a fairytale with Mariah so I would rather it just be that way. I appreciate that fantasy because if I tried to go back and it wasn’t the same, I’d be like, ‘Damn, I messed it up. But, if I had the opportunity, if it could be the way it was, I’m there.”

This is just the latest mention of Carey as the recording artist also admitted, in a song, earlier this year around Valentine’s Day, that he wanted Mariah back.

Cannon used a sample of a Mariah record for the backdrop of the song. The song is from Mariah’s 1990 self-titled debut album and Cannon admits having feelings for his ex.

“I say I’m cool when I know I miss it/I’d trade it all for the case/If I could have you back/If I could go back to where we started at/As much as I want you back/It’s probably better where you at.”

The single was actually the first song off of Cannon’s last project entitled, Raw N B The Explicit Tape.

Nick Cannon Says He ‘Will Never Have a Love Like’ he Has With Mariah Carey

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