Notoriety - Dino Spumoni

Notoriety – Dino Spumoni


Rap duo Notoriety are chased through the woods in the thought provoking new video for their “Dino Spumoni” single; song reminds listeners to ‘disconnect’ for sanities sake.

Investing in each other, the process, overcoming the losses and humbly celebrating the wins, Notoriety consists of emcee Vydle Sinez and emcee/singer Incredible Chuck.

The duo is excited to release the haunting new video for their single “Dino Spumoni”:

Dino Spumoni is a locally sourced song and video with the duo, producer D-Man, director and editor Alex Fort all hailing from Brockton, MA. The basement and forest scenes were shot at group member Vydle’s home and a nearby wildlife reservation. 100% independent!

Listen to “Dino Spumoni” on Spotify:


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