Nyaisa Chane'l 'Uproar' Remix (Her-Roar)

Nyaisa Chane’l ‘Uproar’ Remix (Her-Roar)

R&B Songstress Nyasia Chane’l drops a surprise freestyle remix to Lil’ Wayne’s popular “Uproar” aka “Her-Roar”, off her forthcoming EP entitled “The Idol EP” . “The Idol EP” will be a collection of cover songs based on her social media tradition of posting cover songs each and every Monday, Nyasia calls this “Her Idol Mondays”

Nyasia Chane’l hails from Fallsburg New York, and is currently receiving an abundance of attention for her debut single “Do it Like That” (Remix). “Do it Like That” (Remix) was debuted in New York City’s Power 105.1 FM by DJ Norie and has helped to launch a career that is brimming with potential.

Nyasia Chane’l is currently performing at venues all across the Tri-State and building her fan base one fan at a time endeavoring to make her mark as the next princess of R&B

Twitter: @Nyasia_Chanel_

Instagram: @Nyasia_Chanel_


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