Ockz 'The Pursuit'

Ockz ‘The Pursuit’

Ockz ‘The Pursuit’

Brooklyn-bred rapper Ockz is back with a brand new single “The Pursuit.” Produced by Tone the BoomBaptist, the track has a smooth feel with Ockz’ trademark grittiness. He raps about his real life and while for some it may be too much, his delivery makes it easy to ingest. If you listen closely, there are some gems being dropped.

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Not content to be a fad rapper, Ockz with a clarity, conciseness and directness that is refreshing and yet classically Brooklyn. Real Hip Hop heads will definitely get it. He is currently hard at work putting the finishing touches on his follow-up project The Prestige which will be out soon.
Keep up with Ockz on Twitter @Team_Ockz and on IG: @Ockz

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