OJ Simpson's Youngest Daughter Spotted In Florida

OJ Simpson’s Youngest Daughter Spotted In Florida

There’s been a reported sighting of O.J. Simpson‘s youngest daughter, Sydney Simpson outside of her home in Florida barely two weeks after the NFL Hall of Famer died of cancer on April 10.

According to Daily Mail, Simpson, described as reclusive was photographed outside her residence in St. Petersburg recently as she was seen carrying a child’s car seat back to her apartment. She was wearing a grey sweater and denim jeans while walking from her vehicle. She reportedly has not been seen in public photos in nearly six years. She and her younger brother, Justin have lived in the city since her father was found not guilty in the murder of their mother, Nicole Brown Simpson in 1995. They moved in with O.J. after living in Los Angeles with their mother. An unknown man was also photographed walking from her car.

Sydney was seen after her father’s attorney, Malcolm LaVergne expressed that O.J. did not die surrounded by his children and grandchildren as announced by the family in a social media post written from the former actor’s X account. LaVergne did say that O.J. had “a close family member” by his side when he died.

Reuters reported that Simpson was cremated on April 17 in a ceremony that was a private gathering attended by friends and family at the Palm Downtown Mortuary & Cemetery in downtown Las Vegas.

Simpson was a popular NFL player inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985 after a successful career in the league. He became an actor and had memorable roles starring in movies like “Roots,” “The Towering Inferno” and playing a recurring role in “The Naked Gun” trilogy. He also had a memorable commercial as a pitchman for Hertz that showed him running through the airport.

He was most recently a commentator on the popular sports show, “It Is What It Is,” hosted by rappers, Cam’ron and Ma$e.

OJ Simpson’s Youngest Daughter, Sydney Simpson Spotted In Florida

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