Disgruntled LA Clippers Players, P.J. Tucker And Bones Hyland Sent Home

P.J. Tucker Fined $75K After Publicly Requesting A Trade From LA Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers forward P.J. Tucker has made it known that he no longer wants to be on the NBA team and has publicly requested a trade to another team. By doing so, he earned himself the biggest fine for this current season.

According to NBA.com, the league has issued the punishment after Tucker revealed his wish in a public setting.

“The NBA announced today that LA Clippers forward P.J. Tucker has been fined $75,000 by the NBA for public comments reported during the week of February 5 expressing a desire to be traded to another team.”

The 38-year-old player was recently sent home on a recent road trip by the Clippers due, in part to his disgruntled state of not receiving adequate playing time on the basketball court. Last week he expressed his thoughts to landscape journalist, Marc J. Spears right before the league trade deadline.

Tucker, was newly acquired when the Clippers traded for former Philadelphia 76ers player, James Harden earlier this season as as part of a seven-player, three-team deal with the 76ers and Oklahoma City Thunder. He has not played for the team since Nov. 27.

He discussed that he agreed to sit on the bench until he was traded which did not take place before the trade deadline on Feb. 8.

“It was agreed upon that I would sit,” Tucker told The Athletic. “I didn’t just sit, it was agreed upon. Until they moved me, I would sit. They didn’t do it. But (I) try to be professional, as professional as possible. But at the same time, if I don’t advocate for myself, who is? You know? But it is what it is, man.”

Tucker is expected to be back with the team after this weekend’s All-Star break. The Clippers’ next game is Thursday, Feb. 22.

P.J. Tucker Fined $75K After Publicly Requesting A Trade From LA Clippers

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