Passport Rav’s 'Outer Riches Inner Poverty'

Passport Rav’s ‘Outer Riches Inner Poverty’

Following up on the success of “Malcolm on Twitter” and getting cosigned by the legend LL Cool J, Passport Rav is back with his new with EP Dual Citizenship.


Mostly produced by OMZ, the six-track project has a lofi drum-less vibe with bars that touch on various subjects.  The video for “Outer Riches Inner Poverty” was shot in London, England right before the Corona lockdown as Rav barely made it back through US customs.  The inspirational “Ascending” features American Idol finalist, Elise Testone, and soulful keys by Rob Araujo and live trumpet by Rob Giegling.


Passport Rav’s Dual Citizenship is now available.


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