Patti LaBelle Rushed Off Stage By Security Due to Bomb Threat in Milwaukee

Patti LaBelle Rushed Off Stage By Security Due to Bomb Threat in Milwaukee

During a performance in Milwaukee over the weekend, soul diva Patti LaBelle was rushed offstage because of a bomb threat.

According to Entertainment Tonight, while LaBelle was on stage talking to fans at the Riverside Theater Milwaukee concert on Saturday, the 78-year-old was removed from the stage by security. While standing on the stage, she was perplexed and looked irritated that the men came upon her as she was speaking to the audience. They rushed her off and brought her safely off stage.

It was later reported that there was a bomb threat at the theater. The incident took place on Dec. 10 at approximately 9 PM.

Organizers of the concert released a statement via a Facebook page explaining the reason for the ending of LaBelle’s performance that evening.

“Tonight’s Patti LaBelle show at the Riverside Theater has been postponed following a bomb threat investigated by the Milwaukee Police Department.

We are thankful for the efforts of the Milwaukee Police Department and our customers and staff for their safe and orderly exit.

We are working with the artist to reschedule the show.”

The Milwaukee Police Department also released a statement to Entertainment Tonight.

“An establishment received a phone call that there were explosives in [the] facility. The building was safely evacuated and searched by MPD K-9 units,” the statement read. “No explosive devices were located. This is an ongoing investigation. MPD continues to seek unknown suspects.”

Rolling Stone also reported they received a statement from Milwaukee Police Capt. Warren E. Allen Jr. in an email. He reiterated that everyone was “safely evacuated” from the theater that is located “in the 100 block of W. Wisconsin.”

An attendee at the concert, Scott Pierce spoke to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about what transpired that evening.

“It happened so quickly. Everybody very calmly exited the theater in a disbelieving manner. I heard lots of comments about how sad it was that someone would pull such a pathetic stunt. Before the incident, the crowd was really enjoying Patti. Just sad that someone does this.”

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