Peppaboy Trill McCoy - She's The One

Peppaboy Trill McCoy – She’s The One

Set in Pensacola FL, aka Colacoast USA, She’s The One is a pure narrative depiction of an action-packed adventurous romantic drama between the artist, Peppaboy Trill McCoy and leading Actress Stephie J, who capture the beauty and unique appeal of the Gulf Coast, and the lifestyle behind the music of Colacoast Recording Artist, Peppaboy Trill McCoy.

She’s The One, also showcases some of Pensacola’s Historical Landmarks: Seville Quarter, Grand Reserve Cigars, Pensacola Beach, The Port of Pensacola, Sanders Beach, Downtown Pensacola, EastSide Neighborhood, Westside Neighborhood, Cervantes, Belmont, and Devilliers Streets, Attucks Court, and Jeff Bond’s Art Party, #ColacoastUSA.

In recent years, Colacoast Entertainment LLC has emerged as one of the most valuable independent record companies in today’s music industry. A music/lifestyle brand, Colacoast Entertainment has specialized in exporting the Gulf Coast Region through various means of music and entertainment. Spanning four states within three hours, FL, AL, MS, and LA, (Texas and the country of Mexico being further west), the Gulf Coast Region is a unique market, comprised of a “gumbo” of flavor that we personify and depict through our imagery and vast catalog of intellectual properties.

“She’s The One,” available in stores now, worldwide! Catch us on tour in a city near you, or contact for booking. Visit our project at

In appreciation for all those involved, we would like to thank God, Pensacola, FL, Colacoast Entertainment, The CoCompany, Jay T and D. Baines for putting together a great film…

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