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“Saving Our Selves: A BET COVID Relief Effort” event, benefiting the BET COVID-19 relief fund and sponsored in part by P&G, was a big success.


This nationwide fund, with an initial focus in Chicago, Detroit, Flint, New Orleans, and New York City, will go directly to the most vulnerable in our communities, with a focus on food insecurity and providing emergency resources.


African Americans are consistently making up 30-40% of COVID 19-related deaths, while only comprising an average of 13% of the entire population. In some markets, the infection and death rate of African Americans is 3-5x larger than the general population. Compounded by pre-existing health and financial vulnerabilities, African Americans are being disproportionately harmed by the Coronavirus.


P&G was a leading sponsor of last night’s event and made significant contributions to the BET COVID-19 Relief fund which will support relief and recovery programs in local communities focusing on food distribution, education support, housing assistance, workforce development and emergency resources.


As the world’s largest producer of self-care and personal hygiene products, P&G feels it is their duty to lead the charge in doing the right thing and being a #ForceForGood. P&G partner brands are continuing to step up and help on a local level.


Here are some of the ways P&G brands are #SteppingUp:

  • Tide is proud to be #SteppingUp with BET to help communities that have been impacted during this time by offering free laundry services to front line responders and their families. To find a location near you visit hope.tidecleaners.com
  • Charmin and Bounty applaud the resilience of Albany, Ga one of the small towns hit the hardest during the pandemic and home to our Charmin and Bounty facility. Despite their hardship, the community works harder than ever to make a difference in all of our homes. To help this community in need, P&G is donating $200K to Phoebe Hospital, $15K to The Boys & Girls Club of Albany and $20K to Open Arms Inc.
  • Bevel remains committed to the success of Black men and is #SteppingUp to support students during this unconventional time. Bevel is donating laptops to Chicago Urban Prep to enhance distance learning and ensure they further their education following the pandemic.
  • MBIB (My Black Is Beautiful) knows the Black woman is the backbone of her family and community. During these unprecedented times, MBIB is reminding her to prioritize self-care through various holistic and mental wellness resources. Encouraging her to take care of herself so she can help loved ones.
  • Pampers is #SteppingUp for parents-to-be in the Black community during these uncertain times and helping them prepare for the arrival of their new little one.  In partnership with the Childbirth Education Association, Pampers is offering free online childbirth classes to support new parents and encourage a safe and healthy delivery.
  • Old Spice is concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on predominantly Black counties being infected at rates three times higher than others. Joining forces with Deon Cole, Terry Crews, and the United Way, Old Spice is donating over $200K to provide emergency relief to highly impacted Black communities in Chicago, IL, and Flint, MI. Old Spice understands that things might be tough right now, but there’s no one tougher than us when we unite as one.
  • P&G Home Care brands (Dawn, Cascade, Mr. Clean, Swiffer, Febreeze and Microban) know home looks different for everyone. In partnership with our employees and Matthew 25: Ministries, we are #SteppingUp to provide cleaning supplies, household products and financial support to shelters and nursing homes to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for its most vulnerable guests.


See more information on how P&G is getting involved in COVID Relief efforts here: https://us.pg.com/blogs/Betsos/

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