Philthy Rich - Come From ft. OMB Peezy

Philthy Rich – Come From ft. OMB Peezy



Philthy Rich and OMB Peezy Shed Light On Fake Street Niggas That Rap in

“Come From”

What are they saying: “Philthy Rich Is One Of The Hardest Working Rappers In The Game Right Now.” – Echo Hattix
(Oakland, CA)June 27, 2018 – Philthy Rich loves the good life, and he doesn’t spare any expense when it’s time to turn up. But outside of the glamour of the club, Philthy’s thoughtful side comes out, and in his new video “Come From,” he reflects on the past that made him who he is. Philthy Rich connected with rising rap talent OMB Peezy from Sacramento on “Come From,” and it’s clear that both artists know how to spot a fake. In the Jae Synth-directed visual, a wanna-be is seen putting on $15 chains and $2 shades to shoot a video in the hood, while Philthy and Peezy break down the life experiences that made them authentic.

The video, set in Oakland, starts off with the main character putting on one fake chain after another, then cuts to Philthy Rich and OMB Peezy narrating the mistakes they know he’s making: He can rap about the streets but he aint come from it/ He can rap about murder but he ain’t burn nothin. Peezy’s childhood in Mobile, AL and Philthy’s Seminary upbringing forced them to grind and rise above the struggle to get where they are. And now that they’ve made it, they have no tolerance for rappers who try to fake the funk. As Philthy spits on his verse, Really come from the slums you wouldn’t know about it/ Six people two bedrooms, yeah you know it’s crowded/ Used to buy plug and rerock to double up/ Ten thou a show but next month I’ma double up/ Mobile, Alabama up to Seminary/ Only option was the slammer or the cemetery. 

The video ends when real-life catches up with the wanna-be street rapper. His fake chains and fake girl disappear while he (tries) to escape it and then (BANG). This latest visual from the N.E.R.N.L.4 album tells the story that Philthy wants everyone to understand: there’s NOT ENOUGH REAL in the world anymore. Peep the truth Philthy spits on “Come From” and all the other heat on his N.E.R.N.L. 4 album now!


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