Philthy Rich – Take Something (feat. Yid, Slimmy B & Lil Yee)

Philthy Rich Drops Single and Video for

“Take Something”

Leading Up To His N.E.R.N.L. 4 Album Release Later this Month!

(Los Angeles, CA) May 9, 2018 – Today the always-grinding Philthy Rich released his latest video and single “Take Something,” and made it clear there is no limit to how much he can create. Philthy has stayed working non-stop all year, putting out new music every month and rocking stages all over! But he loves every minute of the grind, and shares that love with his fans. “In every city I touch down in there’s a different culture, but it’s always love. I love being on the road,” says Philthy. But for latest release “Take Something,” he spent some time at home in the Bay Area to record fire new visuals with Stewy Films.


The “Take Something” song and video shows Philthy Rich with Bay Area talents Yid, SOB’s Slimmy B and Lil Yee in a crime scene with two machine-gun wielding women threatening a man tied up in a chair. Philthy sets the scene by burning through some bands (literally) while Lil Yee sings the hook about getting what he needs…regardless of what is given. Just look at where we came from/I was down, I was lonely/Looking for a way, you didn’t show me/You ain’t giving, we gon take something/

Known for his lifestyle, Philthy Rich had the players in his crime scene wearing custom embellished ski masks while the Bay Area heavy hitters flexed on the beat. Philthy remembers the shoot well saying, “It was a lot of fun…we even had the women tie up the guy!” But even if you don’t have time to be tied up by beautiful women in custom ski masks alongside Philthy Rich, be sure to experience his brand new video and track from N.E.R.N.L. 4 today before the album’s full release on May 25th!


Get N.E.R.N.L. 4 by Philthy Rich on iTunes here:


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