Presenting Princess Shaw - Official Trailer

Presenting Princess Shaw – Official Trailer

Presenting Princess Shaw - Official Trailer


a new film from Magnolia Pictures and Participant Media

in theaters and On Demand, Friday, May 27th


The internet brings together performers from around the globe in a video mash-up resulting in the beautiful musical collaboration, “GIVE IT UP,” featuring Samantha Montgomery, aka Princess Shaw.


The unlikely collaboration of two strangers 7000 miles apart – a video artist in Israel and a struggling performance artist in New Orleans – gives rise to a hauntingly beautiful creation – the YouTube sensation “GIVE IT UP” (with 2.6 million views to date) AND catches the attention of Hollywood giants – Magnolia Pictures and Participant Media.


The new film Presenting Princess Shaw documents the making of the musical collaboration “GIVE IT UP,” from the mind of video artist, composer and musician Ophir Kutiel (Kutiman), created from his kibbutz in Israel.  The film stars Samantha Montgomery aka Princess Shaw, a New Orleans struggling singer/songwriter and care-giver, and a group of seemingly random YouTube amateur performers, all strung together by Kutiman to accompany the vocals of Princess Shaw.


Presenting Princess Shaw Director Ido Haar

“There are so many people with so much talent, original thinking and unique voices. Most of them … don’t really have the access or ability to break into the often exclusive realms of music, art and culture. What are the chances that we will hear about them?


Presenting Princess Shaw might propose some modest, momentary fix for that. It is not about stardom, but rather about the deeply human experience of being seen—an antidote to the loneliness and anonymity many can feel…”


“Inspiring. An essential tale for the digital age…Touching. Offers an upbeat alternative to gloomier looks at identity in the digital age”

– Eric Kohn, Indiewire


“(Presenting Princess Shaw) will actually make you feel good about humanity—and the Internet…A reminder that the porous borders of the web can yield not only great art, but also even greater empathy…It’s easy to ‘like’ (Presenting Princess Shaw) —but it’s even easier to love it.”

– Brian Raftery, Yahoo! Movies

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