PUMA Announces Alex Toussaint as Global Ambassador

PUMA Announces Alex Toussaint as Global Ambassador

Global sports company PUMA today announced Alex Toussaint, Senior Fitness Instructor at Peloton, as the newest TRAIN PUMA global ambassador. Alex’s love for fitness and his determination to train with purpose embodies the TRAIN PUMA mindset that “training is a cultural lifestyle that does not end at the gym.”


Toussaint, known for his tough love attitude, uses the power of positivity to keep those around him motivated both on and off the bike.


“Since the start of my career it’s always been about moving with a purpose and executing with an intention,” said Toussaint. “After 8 years in the game, it feels like we are just getting started and its truly a self-validating moment. So honored to join the PUMA family, let’s get it!”


PUMA together with Toussaint, will support various programs which includes establishing a community-oriented field day, “Feel Good Field Day” for youth that will focus on fitness and mental health skills. PUMA will also help support Toussaint’s “Do Better Foundation,” whose mission is to strengthen those who are underserved through community building and youth empowerment initiatives.


Toussaint is working on many exciting projects with PUMA, including helping to design and collaborate on new TRAIN PUMA products.



PUMA Announces Alex Toussaint as Global Ambassador

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