Raven-Symone Claims She 'Got Catfished' When Approached About Joining ‘The View’

Raven-Symone Claims She ‘Got Catfished’ When Approached About Joining ‘The View’

Former The Cosby Show child actor Raven-Symone, who wound up with her own Disney show, That’s So Raven appeared on a recent podcast and revealed that when she was being pitched to become a host on The View, she felt like she “just got catfished.” Based on her being told the show would be “pop culture and fun and exciting” but instead after Trump entered the presidential race, the topics became more political and she didn’t anticipate that.

According to Yahoo Entertainment, earlier this week on Monday, Symone appeared on a recent podcast episode of The View: Behind the Table with another former host of The View, Candace Cameron Bure. Both former hosts stated that what was discussed before both joined the daytime talk show differed from their actual experience while appearing on the ABC show. The daily conversations of politics were not what either had in mind when they were both individually pitched to join the gabfest.

After Bure had stated that she “never spoken publicly about politics.” She was told that the show would “talk more about family and sex and life.” Raven-Symone chimed in and agreed with that sentiment.

“Sara, I got catfished. I feel like I just got catfished,” Symoné said. “I thought I was going on a show, like Candace, where it was pop culture and fun and exciting and I got catfished, and I learned a good lesson.”

Symoné also realized that she was the only woman on the panel who was part of the LGBTQ+ community.

“Outwardly, the pressure I felt was the LGBTQ+ community, because I was the only one on the panel with that label. And I’m not a fan of holding an entire community on my shoulders, because again . . . like Candace said, even in your own community, people will get mad at you. So I really didn’t like that. And so, on an everyday basis, I knew what I was there for — to represent that slice of life, but when I was speaking, I blacked that part out, because I knew that it would inhibit me from being myself. And it would inhibit me from actually speaking my truth because I’m worried about other people.”

Both women left the show back in 2016 but credited producers and Whoopi Goldberg for helping them get through it.

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