Red Pill - Stars

Red Pill – Stars



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Red Pill – Stars
In his new video for the standout single “Stars,” Detroit MC Red Pill is personified by a Capricorn-knight, fighting anything the stands in his way. Despite his courage in the face of these demons, he returns to his usual doldrums and vices. From the album Instinctive Drowning, the new music video follows a wandering adventurer, who while out on dangerous missions never manages to get paid enough to lay down his sword – stuck in a vicious cycle and always ending at the bar.It’s a familiar routine for Red Pill, who despite touring the globe and releasing albums, still manages to be regular old Chris when he returns home and heads to the bar for a drink.


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About The Video

Eric Power (Director, Animator) Statement
When I was first sent the track for Red Pill’s “Stars”, I immediately felt a connection.  The subject matter dealt with, basically, an indie artist struggling to get by in an increasingly commercialized world.  He seems to struggle with audience expectations of him, who “want my smile, but I can’t fake it”.  As a freelance director/animator, I often find myself living paycheck to paycheck while trying to build a library of work that somehow still feels like it is coming from my heart rather than being simply a product to a sell.  It’s a struggle sometimes.  

Red Pill Statement
I wrote most of the lyrics for Stars while I was on tour. I was on the road with people I looked up to and I felt like I wasn’t up to par with them. Even playing smaller clubs, you get treated like a star when you’re on the road. So, I was balancing my self-consciousness with a small taste of fame, all the while being homesick. I knew that when I got back, it was back to normal life, paying bills, and day jobs. The director came up with this epic tale of a guy who battles monsters, drinks, misses home, but still wins in the end. I love the work he did with the construction paper. It’s a really cool fantasy driven video that fits the spacey vibe of the song.


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