Rexy* - All Our Lives

Rexy* – All Our Lives

“One of the questions I always get asked is how can you be an airline executive and a pop artist and excel at both?” says Bahamian singer/songwriter, REXY*, whose
video and single, “All Our Lives,” is making its way up the international pop charts.

In her new video, directed by AJ The Visionary, Rexy* gives us a glimpse of her typical day as Vice President of Operations and General Counsel at Western Air. She opens the video managing the day to day operations of one of the largest, private Black owned airlines in the world and ends it in the studio recording new songs for her forthcoming project.

“I wrote ‘All Our Lives’ as a reminder that we cannot allow things like pride and ego stop us from experiencing love,” explains Rexy. “All Our Lives is also connected to the feelings you have when you’ve finally achieved your life-long dream.”

For the track, she linked up with producer, DimCrux, originally from Columbia who is amazing at blending Caribbean and Latin Flavors into Pop & RnB hits. “Though I wanted to pursue music, life took me other paths. In the time, I learned more about who I am as an artist, what I wanted my music to sound like, the messages I want to convey, and so much more.”

In September 2019, Hurricane Dorian tore through The Bahamas devastating the islands. Like most, Rexy* was faced with the reality that life can change instantly. Determined to make every second of life impactful, she committed to making her childhood dream a reality. “I believe in breaking the mold. We owe it to ourselves to be authentic and bold enough to strut into our callings.

Whether in the boardroom or putting the final touches on her debut album, Rexy* is an ambitious and talented woman who is soaring to new heights.

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Follow Rexy on socials @RexyRolle. Website:
photo credit: Drea Nicole Photography


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