Rick Ross Announces Jewelry Worth More Than $300K Will Be Awarded for Top Prizes at Car Show

Rick Ross Announces Jewelry Worth More Than $300K Will Be Awarded for Top Prizes at Car Show

WSB-TV reported last week that Fayette County, which had previously denied Rick Ross a permit for his upcoming car show at his estate in Georgia, has now approved one for the show taking place this weekend on June 3.

After being denied the permit, the entrepreneurial recording artist came up with a plan that would help ease traffic gridlock and help his neighbors to ease their fears. Ross’ attorney Leron Rogers told Channel 2 Action News that officials at Fayette County approved the traffic and safety plan that Ross submitted and was working with them.

Ross also announced that he is giving away over $300,000 in jewelry to winners in select categories of the car show. Ross recorded a video to his Instagram Stories and TheHipHopWolf reposted the clip on its Instagram page.

On Ross’ Instagram page, he displayed the “bling” that will be given to the winners selected for the top prize in each category.

“This the first time we revealing what it look like to be a winner at the Rick Ross car show,” he says in the clip. “This heavyweight. This over 300K in giveaways. First time ever. The bottom row, that’s for the heavyweights — best car, best bike. Top row — Hustler of the Year, Best Hot Rod.”

The car show will be at his property that he has titled, The Promise Land.

“It’s going down at the Promise Land. Join the party, it’s like a barbecue. It’s not at one of them spots where everybody got on a mask. Nah, it’s like a barbecue. It’s never been done. Make sure y’all see the stones… It’s like the Olympics. Gold, Rose gold — not silver, but white gold.”

When the permit for his car sow was initially rejected, Ross proclaimed love for the Georgia county and announced that he would run for mayor of the town. After the town has given his show a permit, let’s see if he still wants to run the town in Fayette County.

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