Rick Ross Cut Down His Own Trees After Someone Tried to Charge Him $10,000

Rick Ross Cuts Down Trees After Someone Wanted Him to Pay $10,000 to Do it

Rick Ross Cuts Down Trees After Someone Wanted Him to Pay $10,000 to Do it

Being rich, well, in this case, being a boss isn’t about how much money you can spend to purchase something. Being rich can also be in HOW you spend your money or how much of it you choose to spend when there are better options! Rick Ross is the prime example to follow!

According to Complex, the Maybach Music Group owner appeared on his Instagram account over the weekend and gave a little financial advice to his 14 million-plus followers. The self-certified boss needed to have 10 trees on his property cut down. As he explains the story on his Instagram Live, he goes into detail about getting a quote from a contractor regarding the task of cutting the trees. He was quoted with what appears to be an astronomical price for the job, based on his reaction, the fee of $1000 per tree equaling a total of $10,000. With that quote, Ross decided he needed to do the job himself!

On Saturday morning, Feb. 26, Ross was being filmed describing the dilemma he had in front of him.

“I’m up early this morning. And I just got my estimate. I got like ten trees I want to cut down. “They say, ‘Them big trees, them big oak trees, Rozay.’ I said, ‘I don’t care. I want them cut down. Them f**king up the vibe right there.’ N**ga told me $1,000 a tree for ten trees, that’s $10,000.

So, Ross proceeds to say that he told his homie to go to Home Depot and get him the biggest saw they had there with a big chain on it. “Imma cut the trees down,” he proclaims. He then explains how he is hands-on with his business and he is about to prove it once again.

After getting the saw, Ross proceeds, on camera, to use the chainsaw to cut down the tree he refused to pay $1000 each for. He cuts the tree, shows off the results of his work and has a message for folks.

“It’s a must you remain hands-on. Instead of me paying $10K to a outsider. Went to Home Depot, bought two new saws for $2K. Was really only $5K worth of work. You take the $5K, give that to your homies, y’all bust that down. 5K, another 2K in saw, you still got $3,000 for ya pockets. Come on, man, you could go get Wing Stop, man.”

Welp, there’s sound financial advice! If you want something done, do it yourself!

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