Rick Ross Denied Entry Into Buckingham Palace

Rick Ross Denied Entry Into Buckingham Palace

Rapper Rozay AKA Rick Ross Denied Entry Into Buckingham Palace

Being a well-known Hip Hop artist gets you into many places around the world, except Buckingham Palace apparently.

According to HipHopDX, the biggest “bawse,” Miami rapper, and entrepreneur Rick Ross was denied entry into the infamous Buckingham Palace earlier this week. The popular Hip Hop artist took to his Instagram Stories on Monday to talk about being rejected from entering the home of the Queen of England and the Royal Family in London.

He stated that after introducing himself to the gatekeepers at the Queen’s residence, he wasn’t allowed to enter the facility. Ross points out that this doesn’t happen to him often. But, he did bring up the fact that they suggested a local restaurant that he ended up going to where he enjoyed a lobster meal.

“Alright so y’all saw me go to Buckingham Palace,” Ross said in the video clip. “I pulled the homie to the side and told him you know, who I was, the Biggest Bawse. And for one of the first times in a long time that didn’t get me in. It didn’t get me through the gates. “I didn’t get to sit at the table,” Ross explained, “but what he did do was refer me to a spot and they said they’d be waiting on me and I can pick the lobster I wanted to eat so I forgave him.”

Rozay was in London hosting an event for global brand ambassadors for the luxury champagne brand, Belaire.

I want to thank all of our @officialbelaire GLOBAL BRAND AMBASSADORS #BELAIREUK for an amazing event and growing closer to greatness!”

Ross has a bottle of signature champagne with Belaire, the Luc Belaire Brut Gold Rick Ross Edition.

Rapper Rick Ross Denied Entry Into Buckingham Palace

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