Ruff Endz - Congratulations

Ruff Endz – Congratulations

Ruff Endz – Congratulations

CONGRATULATIONS” is the latest offering from the group’s recently released 5th studio album, “REBIRTH“. The heartfelt single was written by Ruff Endz and produced by David Chance.

The inspiration behind the song was to write a break-up song that left both people empowered instead of the usual break-up song where the couple hates each other,” mentions David Chance. “We hope that this song brings a more peaceful approach to a break-up,” adds Dante Jordan.

The music video for “CONGRATULATION” was directed by DC Coles. The video also just made its global debut on BET SOUL (currently playing). RUFF ENDZ’s latest album release, “REBIRTH” debuted at #3 on the iTunes R&B charts. Since the release of the album they have released the singles, “Be The One“, “Party Over Here“, Only One I See” and “Your Body” featuring Krayzie Bone.





RUFF ENDZ “REBIRTH” (On-going) Tour Schedule:

8.19 – Albany, GA

8.20 – Cambridge, MD

9.10 – Baltimore, MD

10.8 – Portland, OR

10.27 – London, UK

11.26 – Cleveland, OH

Congratulations 3

RUFF ENDZ (from Left to Right: David Chance, Dante Jordan)

Congratulations 2

RUFF ENDZ (from Left to Right: David Chance, Dante Jordan)

The inspiration behind this album was birthed out of our experiences, both personally and professionally. Musically the album embodies elements from the classic era of R&B which we thought were important to preserve but still be able to incorporate a 2021 perspective,” mentions Ruff Endz.

We are excited about this project because it’s a true expression of how we really feel as men. We see life as a roller coaster of emotions and “REBIRTH” is a reflection of us riding the emotional ups & downs of life. Each song shares about an emotion that we have experienced and how we dealt with those situations,” adds the group.

Overall, the tone of this album is positive, so it doesn’t matter where you are in your life there is something for you on this album that is sure to satisfy your R&B appetite.

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Ruff Endz, the hip-hop soul duo of David “Davinch” Chance and Dante “Chi” Jordan, formed in Baltimore in the mid-’90s. Named after the “Ruff” parts of the city, the group came up in West Baltimore originally as part of a quartet. Soon after they broke off on their own as a duo ,and in 1999 they signed to Epic Records. In that same year Ruff Endz was featured on Martin Lawrence’s ”Blue Streak” with a song entitled “Please dont forget about me” produced by Super Star producer Nokio from the platinum group “Dru Hill”. They followed up in 2000 with their first album entitled “Love Crimes”. Their first single, “No More”, reached #1 on the R&B/Hip Hop charts and peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2002, the duo released their second album, Someone To Love You, which peaked in the top 10 on the R&B charts and top 50 on Billboard.

The album’s first single, “Someone To Love You”, went on to spend 11 weeks at #1 on the AC charts and with their second single, “Cash, Money, Cars, Clothes” rounding out the top 50 on Billboard. They have shared the stage with music industry icons such as Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly, and Christina Aguilera while also featured on CNN, MTV, BET, Top of the Pops (UK), and Much Music (Canada) just to name a few. Their music has been showcased on several feature films including Chris Rock’s “Down to Earth” , Eddie Murphy’s “I Spy”, and Ice Cube’s “Barber Shop” just to name a few.

Their success has grown and crossed US borders to headline their own tours throughout Europe and Japan building a major international fan base. After splitting in 2004 ,the group decided to join forces once again after their hometown of Baltimore erupted into an Historical uprising that left their city in flames. With the city in unrest, they were compelled to record their first song entitled “Time 4 Change” a song that speaks out against injustice for their city and all cities alike. “Time 4 Change” is also the groups tribute to Martin Luther King. Ruff Endz will also be featured on the new Fox TV show called “Shots Fired” with a song called “Speak to My Heart”(episode 7) which premiered March 22, 2018.

In 2020 , the group partnered with SRG-ILS Group to bring you their fifth studio album called “ REBIRTH”. With songs like “Be The One “ Congratulations”, and “Hopeless”, the Hip-Hop Soul Duo Ruff Endz is bringing what so many people want…100% ORGANIC R&B!


“REBIRTH” globally available now

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